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Brand Creation, Development & Growth

At Candy & Flowers, we build brands. No matter what stage in your development, we can help. From positioning and messaging to design and naming to bringing your story to the audiences you serve.


We are experts at building and executing successful brand marketing campaigns that include creative, content development, earned, social, paid, experiential and digital activations. We also tie measurement and analytics to each so our clients know when to celebrate. 

Brand Marketing
Public Relations

Public relations is a core competence 

We Help Clients Meet Their Business Goals By:

Creating compelling narratives that appeal to target audiences

Working with executives to ensure those stories are well told

Collaborating with media and influencers to bring them to life 

Extending coverage across channels   

Social Media is a core competence

We Help Clients Meet Their Business Goals By:

Ensuring social is an integrated extension of your brand and that your look, feel, language, cadence, attitude… all work for you and your audience  

Creating compelling social campaigns that breakthrough

Engaging with followers, partners, even competitors to create interest  

Measuring everything so we know what works and what doesn’t 

Content is a core competence

We Help Clients Meet Their Business Goals By:

Making beautiful things

Embracing all medium from words to gifs to pics to vids  

Delivering them to the right people through the right channels at the right time 

Social Media
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